In this edition Maistri has focused on kitchen projects designed for open space solutions, where the kitchen has to be both functional and beautiful: that is, a living and aesthetic experience. Kitchens are displayed on 180 sq. meters, well visible from the outside and accessible from three sides of the booth. Two of the compositions are turned outward, just like in a showroom window; in these two projects Maistri has put the accent on the linearity of gola profiles: in ALTEA they develop only vertically, while in ARKA –which at the Show is displayed with black base units, light blue wall units and a black fenix laminate top- the gola profiles are horizontal, also in the tall units. Inside the stand, an open plaza displays three different project-concepts that best explain Maistri’s philosophy for open space kitchens, designed to cherish moments and interact with family members.  Maistri has chosen to give importance to lightness in the kitchen and presents many solutions that play with the light and the volumes of the walls. Here is displayed a GIZA project in wood, with a sliding counter top that in few seconds can hide or show the working functions. Among the finishes and the colors available for GIZA and VIVA islands is the new moca Lapitec finish which is in perfect harmony with the Londongray color: a well-established partnership between the two business institutions. Another new element for open space kitchens are the HOLE tall units, here presented with ecru color and the new natural bolivar essence. Natural materials characterize also the other elements in the booth: from brown elm wood to natural bolivar, to tidewine stone. Further to the great success received, the Armonia project has been carried on by Maistri with the presentation of some new melamine finishes. 
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